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Version 2.31: October 12, 2018

  • Enhanced! MUCH faster loading of tidal current data on charts at startup.

Version 2.30: September 25, 2018

  • NEW!  Saved Tracks!  Each race, from the start of the timer until finish, is saved.  You can reload a past race track for analysis!  Just bring up the chart pop-up dialog and tap 'Show Saved Track' and a dialog will come up with the times of the tracks available.

Version 2.22: August 29, 2018

  • Fix: A case where Tidal Currents on Charts might show 'N/A' for several minutes after startup.

Version 2.21: August 20, 2018
  • NEW! 'Next 2 Course Legs' option from the Chart pop-up dialog.  Reduces clutter by showing only the current and next course legs on charts, instead of the entire course.
  • Improved: Better dialog sizes for smaller devices.
  • Improved: Lower memory use.
  • Improved: Tidal Current Data populates faster.  NOAA Data also uses our own web services now, not NOAAs which came down for maintenance far more often.  faster, less memory, and more reliable.
  • Fix: Tidal Currents would not update after a change in charts (Import or Delete) until after a restart in some cases.

Version 2.20: August 1, 2018

  • Feature Pop-Ups!  Each rev will highlight some features.  Tap anywhere in the pop-up to dismiss it.  It won't show again unless you reset them from the menu.
  • Start Timer Adjusting! Long press the timer digits to get a dialog to increment or decrement the timer by one minute.  Even while running.  Good way to recover easily from a missed signal!
  • Graphical Currents View!  Now shows a scrollable graph of current details when you tap a current station on the chart.  You can still get the text version from that pop-up.
  • Fix: A case where the app would stop responding.
  • Fix: 'AutoFinish' would not stop the clock if you were far from the middle of the finish line.  Now stops when you cross anywhere on the line.

Version 2.10: July 5, 2018

  • Added Time of Day to the Start mode screen.  Helps you anticipate the start warning and other signals.
  • Charts: Support for Tidal Currents on Admiralty charts!  Get currents for UK and other areas outside the US!
    • NOTE: Internet access required for initial download.  It may take several minutes after the app starts the first time in the new version for the current data to be downloaded.  You also need periodic internet access for updates to occur.  About once a month.
  • Charts: Improve the NavAid dialog when you tap a Navigation Aid.
  • Charts: Only show the license agreement once every month, or if the agreement changes.
  • General: Some general cleanup of some dialogs.
  • Fix: A failure could occur if the app was off-screen for a long time. 

Version 2.04: May 27, 2018

  • Memory reduction: Uses less memory when checking for NOAA chart updates and some other processing.  Prevents crash due to 'Out of Memory'.
  • NEW: De-Clutter options for charts. Various options to not show Mark name text if close to a navigation aid.
  • Clean up some more pop-up dialogs.
  • Fix: A couple of timing related problems at startup.  Not seen in production.

Version 2.03: April 25, 2018 

  • Fix: Chart import might not work if all charts had been deleted.
  • NEW: 'Decluttering' preference.  Under 'Advanced Settings'.  You can specify how close, in 'Mark Icon Diameters', within which a Mark name will not display if the same name as a nearby NavAid.
  • 'Hardware Acceleration' setting is now under 'Advanced Settings'.
  • Minor improvements to dialog layouts.

Version 2.02: April 19, 2018 

  • Charts: Performance improvements
  • Fix: Marks could be in wrong position on some devices when in landscape orientation.

Version 2.01: April 12, 2018 

  • Charts:  Much faster scrolling and zooming!
  • General tuneup: Less memory use and other performance tweaks.
  • NEW: Preference for 'Hardware Graphics Acceleration'.  On some devices, having this on can cause problems with filling in areas (land, depth areas), when zoomed in.  Also, on some devices, this can actually be slower when turned on due to the specific hardware.  If you have these issues, try turning it off.
  • FIX: On the display of current details, the times could be off after a DST transition.
  • FIX: Newly added/edited/imported marks could show wrong location until a restart.
  • FIX: 'Bearing line' could draw wrong.

Version 2.00: March 27, 2018 

  • NEW: 'AutoZoom' for Charts - Stay zoomed in to your racing area!  See Charts page.
  • NEW: 'Range Rings' on Charts - Like radar range rings around your boat location.  Helps visualize distances.  See Charts page.
  • Chart Enhancement: For Marks created from Nav Aids, only shows one copy of the name if they are the same name.
  • NEW: Consolidated Error and Notice reporting.  Some errors are detected in the background.  This shows those, and also any available chart update messages, in a pop-up dialog.  See the Tech Info page for more detail.
  • FIX: A case where a newly added 'Gate' type mark would not draw on the chart until after a restart.

Version 1.91: March 16, 2018 

  • FIX: Crash in Race Mode when there is no course.

Version 1.90: March 7, 2018

  • NOTE: The Tidal Currents and Chart verification features require Internet Access periodically.  Once downloaded however, the app keeps a local copy of currents for 6 weeks in the future, so as long as you have internet access while running the app once in a while, it will keep the data updated and will work fine out on the water without Internet.  Also note that the first time you bring up charts in this version, it can take several minutes before the currents show up on the charts, while the bulk data is being retrieved.  After that, updates are short and you should not notice them.  
  • NEW: NOAA Currents shown on Charts!  Tap current arrows on chart to see future predictions!  See Charts page for more info.
  • NEW: Added "Edition", "Update", and "Issue Date" info to the main Charts list dialog.
  • NEW: Verifies installed NOAA chart versions against NOAA database and shows a status if you need an update in the main Charts list dialog.
  • Enhanced: Chart "Soundings" text is now larger when you zoom in.
  • Enhanced: Admiralty Charts now have better names for Lateral Buoys on Charts.

Version 1.83: January 31, 2018

  • NEW: 'Course Routing' : Chart course route now routes around 'Restricted' Marks according to their rules.  As does the Race Mode and Chart functions to advance a Mark or go backwards a Mark.  For example, if A and C are regular course marks, and B is a restricted mark that you must leave to Starboard, then the route will only take you to B if your path from A to C would put it on the wrong side.
  • Fix: Some odd behavior with drawing Marks on charts.
  • Enhancement: Performance improvements with charts.

Version 1.82: January 24, 2018

  • Enhanced: Better layout of some dialogs on smaller devices.
  • Enhanced: Marks created from Nav Aids no longer have color letter pre-pended if they are non-numeric.
  • Fix: Charts: Marks created from Nav Aids would sometimes remain in wrong place on screen.
  • Fix: Charts: Tapping a Mark to get a Mark dialog would not work in some screen orientations.
  • Fix: Charts: Negative soundings not displaying correctly.  These occur when the spot is above water at low tide.

Version 1.81: January 20, 2018

  • NEW: 'Restricted' marks (aka 'Passing marks') on charts.  Let's you set a mark that you don't actually have to 'round' but do have to leave to one side or the other, or stay clear of.  Often used in distance races, or to stay clear of government secure areas, etc.  When set, these will blink the color of the side you need to leave them on, in order to help draw your attention to them.
  • NEW: Chart loading indication on the 'Experimental Charts' button on the main page.  Charts take a few seconds or more to load, so this shows you the status after the app comes up.
  • NEW: Chart import progress indicator.  Shows progress as a chart is imported.
  • NEW: Added graphic 'Cardinal Indicators' to Nav Aids on charts when the aid has such an indication.  These are triangles above the aid which indicate that you must stay clear in some way.  Often used to indicate channels.
  • Improved: Better readability of names for Marks and Nav Aids.
  • Some small performance improvements.
  • Improved heading indication if the device GPS has a problem detecting a heading.
  • FIX: Obscure crash when removing a mark from a course.  Not seen in production.
  • SEE: New FaceBook page!:  Click HERE .  Helpful tips, discussions, etc...

Version 1.80: December 7, 2017

  • NEW: S63 Licensed Charts!  See the S63 Tab for details.
  • NEW: Charts: Option to show past track during the race. Color coded by speed.
  • NEW Charts: Option to draw bearing line to closest point on a gate.
  • NEW: Charts: Option to show distance and bearing to gates to closest point.
  • NEW: Charts: Add 'All Marks' toggle to the chart pop-up dialog.
  • NEW: Charts: Give 'Center Boat' button a 'pushed' behavior.
  • NEW: Improved colors and shapes on Nav Aids.
  • NEW: More detail in Nav Aids 'Show details' dialog when tapped on a chart.
  • NEW: Fast toggle between Charts and previous Mode.  Double tap chart anywhere to flip back.  Sensitivity in preferences.  In RaceMode tap the current mark at top to flip to charts.
  • NEW: Improved spacing of buttons, better font sizes, improved colors, improved menus.
  • NEW: Better Menu selections based on mode.
  • NEW: Race Timer (Start countdown and Race count up) now in Graphic Race Mode screen, lower left below the dial.
  • NEW: Darker menu bar for better night vision.
  • NEW: Improved text in some dialogs for clarity.
  • FIX: A Crash in the Start Mode.  Rare.
  • FIX: Soundings did not change if the units were changed in preferences until after a restart.
  • FIX: Crash in charts if a race mark had no location.
  • Some general performance improvement.

Version 1.70: August 30, 2017 

  • NEW: Speed-Over-Ground (SOG) displays when there is no course set.
  • NEW: Charts: Bearing line from boat to the current Mark is now an option.
  • NEW: Charts: Tapping the 'center' button at the bottom of the chart display now brings up a 'Chart Options' dialog so you can change chart related settings right from the chart.  Includes a button to center the chart on the boat, as in previous revs.
  • Fix: No speed is provided by some devices under Android 6.0.1.  In this case we now calculate the speed ourselves.
  • Fix: Crash using 'voice mode' start timer option when the 'US' locale is not installed on a device.
  • Fix: A few rare crashes.

Version 1.67: August 1, 2017 

  • Fix: Rare crashes on some systems when under memory load.
  • NEW: Graphic Race Mode now the default.
  • NEW: Graphic Race Mode now has an orange circle outside the compass which indicates the relative bearing to the next mark (not current mark).  Let's you plan your rounding better.
  • NEW: Dialog to load a named course now closes when you choose a course.  One less button to push.
  • NOTE: Chart menu changed slightly to start preparing for licensed charts, as used in the UK and Australia for example.

Version 1.66: July 6, 2017 

  • NEW: Preference for when distance units are switched from the Major to the Minor unit.  Set in the Units of Measure preference area, you set it as a fraction of the Major Unit. Previously (and the default) it was one Major Unit.  For example, if your Major Unit was Nautical Miles and Minor Unit was yards, RaceTac would switch from NM to YDS when your distance went under 1 NM.  Now you could set it to, say, 0.5 so it won't switch to yards until you are less than a half a NM in distance.
  • NEW: Better Mark Import functionality when tapping a '.marks' file from a file explorer.  RaceTac was showing as an option for all file types.  Now it shows as an option only for '.marks' file types.
  • FIX: A crash if RaceTac was not running, and you tried to trigger a Marks import from a file explorer.
  • FIX: A crash when entering 'Virtual Marks' but the camera was not available for some reason.

Version 1.65: June 20, 2017

  • NEW: Coordinate display preferences to show hemisphere (N, S, E, W).
  • NEW: Charts support 'Night Mode'.
  • Faster Charts startup.
  • Clearer text description for setting Marks to current location.
  • Improved 'Night Mode' colors on main screen.
  • Coordinate data entry errors now show a pop-up requiring acknowledgment.

Version 1.64: June 15, 2017

  • NEW: Coordinate entry now allows hemisphere notation.  You can enter N, S, E, or W before or after the coordinate.  Also now supports a hyphen between degrees, minutes, and seconds, in addition to space, colon, and semicolon.  Also has better error checking and reporting for bad coordinate formats.
  • Fix: Some illegal coordinates were allowed thru on entry, causing an app crash later in 'Mark Management'.

Version 1.63: June 8, 2017

  • NEW: Named Courses:  Save and load pre-set courses by name.
  • Fix: Button color issues on older Android versions.
  • Fix: Rare crash when restoring app after leaving screen.

Version 1.62: May 29, 2017 

  • Fix: Crash if all charts were removed.
  • Fix: Boat position wrong after zoom in some cases.
  • Enhanced drawing accuracy (a few pixel improvement on some objects)
  • NEW: Chart Interaction! You can tap Marks and Nav Aids to see options!  Add NavAids to Marks list and more!
  • NEW: Chart orientation options!  See Chart Preferences and Chart documentation.
  • See Chart Documentation for more detail.

Version 1.61: May 19, 2017

  • Chart Performance Improvements - Faster start, faster when returning to chart from another page.
  • NEW: Chart Preference - Choose orientation when moving - Either boat icon moves, or boat stays fixed in center and chart moves.
  • NEW: Start Sequence Audio runs if Chart screen is up.
  • NEW: File Dialogs (For import/export etc.) are now sorted in file name order.
  • Fix: Boat icon on chart did not move correctly.
  • Fix: Areas were not colored in when zoomed in and boundaries were off the screen.
  • Fix: Course Marks redrew in wrong location after leaving charts and returning, after zooming.
  • Fix: 'Show all Marks' preference for Charts used wrong default at startup, until changed.
  • Fix: File error in File Dialogs on Android Versions before 4.4 .
  • Fix: Mark Import failed on some Nougat devices.
  • Fix: Course Management screen had bad spacing on Android Nougat.

Version 1.60: May 5, 2017

  • Charts! RaceTac now supports U.S. NOAA ENC charts.  This is currently EXPERIMENTAL.  See the Chart Section for details.
  • Free Trial Version: Trial period has been reduced to 30 days.
  • Improved text and messages in Mark Import function.
  • Mark Import Function now supports alternate character sets in CSV files.  Such as UTF-8 if exported from Excel.
  • Long Press on a Mark to set it's position now pops up a confirmation request.  Minimizes accidents in rough conditions.
  • Fix for a rare crash when a Mark has been added at a time when GPS has not yet obtained a fix.

Version 1.50: March 25, 2017

  • Race Timer!  The 'Start Timer' will now start counting up to time the race after the start.  The 'stop' button will stop the race timer and record the race.  Hitting the stop button again will reset the timer for the next race start sequence.
  • AutoFinish!  With this option (on by default, see Start/Finish preferences), the race timer will stop automatically when you cross the finish line.  Note: This is approximate for a few reasons:  1.  It is your bow crossing, not your GPS device in the cockpit that matters.  2. GPS does not have perfect accuracy, and can be off by several meters.  3. GPS chips typically get a 'fix' about once a second.  So your Race Committee will usually have a more accurate elapsed time.  Also, AutoRound must be enabled for this to function.  If your finish line is just a single mark (not a 'gate' between two points like a pin and Committee Boat) then the line is assumed to be a line through the last mark, and perpendicular to a line from the previous mark to the last mark.
  • Race Report!  Launched from the app menu, you can see the Start, Finish, and Elapsed time of up to the last 30 races.

Version 1.42: March 1, 2017

  • Saves/Restores last used file location folder for Import and Export functions.
  • Option to replace all Marks on Import, or use the previous behavior which just updated and added new ones.
  • Change label text in the 'Next Mark' area in both 'Start Mode' and 'Race Mode' to read 'First Mark' before the Start.  Clearer, because before the Start it shows bearing and distance to the 'First Mark' from your boat.  After the start it shows what your bearing and distance are to the following 'Next Mark' to help you plan your rounding.
  • Support for Nougat (Android 7.0) and up.  Nougat has much tighter security, so apps can only see the 'shared' disk folders like 'Download' and 'Documents'.  The Import/Export file dialogs will only show those folders now.
  • Exporting to P2N has an option to replace all Waypoints.  NOTE:  In Nougat, this integration will NOT be supported, due to the new security restrictions.  Sorry, nothing can be done about it at this time.
  • Fixed rare, unreported, bug, where the 'rounding side' color indication in the Course Management screen could be wrong if you left the page and then used the 'back' button to return to it.  Only occurred in very rare cases. 

Version 1.41: January 27, 2017

  • Enhanced font sizes in the new Graphical Race Mode.
  • Fixed bug when Importing from certain GPX file formats.  Better error reporting.

Version 1.40: January 6, 2017
  • NEW - Graphical Race Mode!  Choose either original Text Mode, or new Graphical Mode with a Compass Rose and Relative Bearing indicator for the Mark.  Set default in preferences, or toggle between them by tapping on the Mark name in the top area, or anywhere in the compass rose.
  • NEW - Third party integration of Marks/Waypoints via Import/Export.  Contact our support for details.
  • NEW - A pop-up will come up when a new release comes out, letting you know what's new.
  • FIX - On new installs only, the Android permission requests (Camera, Location, Disk) will be all grouped at startup.

Version 1.30: November 23, 2016
  • NEW - Import Dialog - From main menu.  Use a file dialog to select the file to import.  Previous method still works too!
  • NEW - Export!  From main menu.  Export your marks to a file!  See 'Tech Info' page for details.
  • Fix - Fix a crash that could occur when trying 'Virtual Marks' and there is no rear facing camera (required for Virtual Marks).

Version 1.21: November 15, 2016 - New Features!
  • Preferences are in related sub-screens by group.  Minimizes need to drag the preferences screens.  For example, all 'Units' are together in a sub-screen.
  • Dynamic font sizes for longer Mark names.  Better fit on screens.
  • Better layouts for landscape mode and tablet sized devices.
  • NEW: Supports 'Rounding Side' for Marks in the course. (Thanks to a user in England for the suggestion!)
       Marks will optionally display in colors corresponding to which side you should leave them on when rounding.  See the help info in the app or here in the Tech Info page under Course Management and Preferences.
  • Requests PERMISSION to access EXTERNAL STORAGE so Import will work from files on SD cards.

Version 1.20: November 1, 2016

  • Voice Option for Start Sequence!  You now have a preference to have tones or voice!

Thanks to the user for a great suggestion! See your device's 'Language and Input' settings to control the voice used.  See the 'help' in the app menu, or in the Tech Info page for more detail.

  • Some small performance optimizations.
  • Tested on 'Nougat', Android version 7.1 .

Version 1.11: October 19, 2016

  • Start Mode now has "Next Mark" data for planning your move after starting.
  • New Preference to set the latitude/longitude display format in Mark coordinates.

Now you can display in decimal degrees (default), as well as degrees and decimal minutes, or degrees, minutes and decimal seconds.

  • Course Setup now scrolls up the list of Marks in the course automatically as you add Marks to the end.
  • Fix obscure crash when deleting marks in a course.

Version 1.10: October 1, 2016

  • Improved tablet support!  Better font sizes and layouts.
  • Start Timer area now has a 'Stop/Reset' button in addition to the 'Sync' button!