RaceTac Regattas

Regatta Management System

Quick Start for Racers

  1. You do not need to log on in order to view Regattas, documents, scratch sheets, etc... You do need to sign up and log on to register for, or create and edit Regattas.
  2. Click 'Sign Up'. There is no fee to use the RaceTac Regattas system for racers. Only those charged by the Regatta Organizers themselves for registering for regattas.
  3. Your email address is your user name. It can be changed later without losing your other info.
  4. Enter all info that applies. A Secondary phone is not required.
  5. You do NOT have to be a member of an Organizing Authority (OA) like a Yacht Club. But if you are you can select it here.
  6. Go into the 'User' menu and add your boat(s). Include your default Handicaps (if any) as appropriate. Handicaps can be overriden when you register for a Regatta in the event some organization uses a different value from your normal racing area.
  7. Register for a Regatta using the 'Regattas' menu. You can view Regattas from there, or go straight to one you know.
  8. Use 'My Regattas' under the 'User' or 'Regattas' menu to show a list of Regattas you are registered for. You can edit info or un-register (remove) yourself.
  9. Viewing a Regatta shows you a dialog which includes all the documents, divisions, and any special notes such as payment instructions and notices.






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