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RaceTac Privacy Policy

Updated: 2018-04-12

Data Collection and Sharing: The RaceTac app does not collect any personally identifiable information, WITH THE EXCEPTION of an email address required to load S63 Licensed charts in version 1.80 and above.  This data will NOT be shared by Hubbard Software with any other entity, and will only be used to support users.  You do not need to provide and email address unless using licensed charts.

Internet use:  In version 1.80 and above, the app requires Internet access in order to acquire a 'User Permit' used for S63 Chart Support.  (See S63 page for details).  In version 1.90 and above, it uses the Internet to get tidal current data from NOAA servers.

Camera: The app uses the device camera solely for the purposes of the 'Augmented Reality' function called 'Virtual Marks'.  It does not record, collect, or store any video or images during use.  It is strictly used in 'preview' mode for the purposes of overlaying the graphics of the Mark locations.

Manual Data Sharing: The app has an ability to export or import the list of Mark data.  It requires access to your device file storage to do so.  This is only done by the user through the menus.  The data is then stored in files on the device.  Sharing of those files is up to the user, as the app has no 'sharing' functions at present.

Future Functions: The developer reserves the right to add functions in the future, such as, but not limited to, Internet based backup of user settings and Mark and Course data, or a data sharing function through an Internet website.  Our policy will be to advise the customers of this capability, and ensure that the user must manually enable such functions.  We will never collect any data without the user's express permission.