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                       Now With Saved Tracks!

                                   Race Tracks are saved and can be re-loaded for later analysis!

                          See Charts Page For Details

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RaceTac for Android is a tactical assistant for the serious racer.  All the 'Heads Up' data you need at a glance.

  • Setup and store marks and courses quickly, organized by venue.  Save pre-set courses.
  • Optimize your SOG and VMG.  Plan your angles to your marks.
  • Standard 'Start/Race Timer', with a Voice option as well as just tones.
  • Text and Graphical real-time Race Data displays!  Bearing to mark, SOG, VMG, Distance and 'Next Mark' heads up, with AutoRound.
  • 'Hands Off' features like 'AutoRound' and 'AutoFinish', because you want to pay attention to your helm, crew, and tactical situation. Automatically advances display to next mark after rounding!  Stops the race timer when you cross the finish!
  • 'Virtual Marks':  'Augmented Reality' mode to find Marks in tough visibility!  Marks overlay your camera's view.  Also a Bearing Compass.
  • Chart Support for Racing! Charts are linked to your course and marks.  Interactive, just tap a Nav Aid to add as a Mark.  Shows the all important Currents!  Can also show your real-time track over ground, or even load saved tracks for later analysis!
  • Displays adapt for phones and tablets, portrait or landscape modes.  No 'drag' type screen interaction because we know that a phone or tablet in a waterproof case just won't do that when wet!  Designed by racers for racers!
  • Import and export your Marks via CSV, KML (Google Earth) or GPX (Garmin) file formats!  And now third party Marks/Waypoints exchange!
  • 30 Day Free Trial now available!