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The Tactical Data You Need To Win!


                       New in 2.20!

                                   Graphical and Text Current Displays

                                    Adjust Start Timer Up and Down a Minute

                                    (Quick way to recover from a mistaken signal!)

                          See Tech Info For Details

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RaceTac for Android is a tactical assistant for the serious racer.  All the 'Heads Up' data you need at a glance.

  • Setup and store marks and courses quickly, organized by venue.  Save pre-set courses.
  • Optimize your SOG and VMG.  Plan your angles to your marks.
  • Standard 'Start/Race Timer', with a Voice option as well as just tones.
  • Text and Graphical real-time Race Data displays!  Bearing to mark, SOG, VMG, Distance and 'Next Mark' heads up, with AutoRound.
  • 'Hands Off' features like 'AutoRound' because you want to pay attention to your helm, crew, and tactical situation. Automatically advances display to next mark after rounding!
  • 'Virtual Marks':  'Augmented Reality' mode to find Marks in tough visibility!  Marks overlay your camera's view.  Also a Bearing Compass.
  • Chart Support for Racing! Charts are linked to your course and marks.  Interactive, just tap a Nav Aid to add as a Mark.  Shows the all important Currents!
  • Displays adapt for phones and tablets, portrait or landscape modes.  No 'drag' type screen interaction because we know that a phone or tablet in a waterproof case just won't do that when wet!  Designed by racers for racers!
  • Import and export your Marks via CSV, KML (Google Earth) or GPX (Garmin) file formats!  And now third party Marks/Waypoints exchange!
  • 30 Day Free Trial now available!