For Racers By Racers
The Tactical Data You Need For Racing!

All the functions you need, with minimal interaction while racing!  

Main Screen: All your common functions in one place.  All interaction is with taps or long-press of buttons.  Screens don't swipe well when wet!

Course Setup: Quick and fast course setup after the committee announces your course.  You can long-press any mark to set the location to your current position.

Start Mode:  The Heads-Up info you need during your start sequence. Includes a start timer, and shifts to 'Race Mode' automatically at the start.

Race Mode: The info you need for your current leg, plus what you will need after you round your mark.  And with 'AutoRound', the display advances automatically after rounding each mark.  No need to touch anything!  Keep your focus on your helm!  Now in Text or new Graphical Modes!  Here, mark 'H' is 5 degrees to starboard.  And the 'Orange Dot' shows relative bearing to the following mark.

VirtualMarks: Where the heck is that mark?  Lost in the dark/spray/sun?  Use your camera to find out where it's supposed to be!  Choose which set of marks to show, or just use your camera as a bearing compass.  Here, we are headed to the start line, because the 'current mark' is in yellow.  Other 'course marks' are in green.  Mark 'G' is getting closer because the lines above and below it are getting longer, until they go all the way up and down, when you are right on top of the mark.

Night Mode: Save your night vision!  Colors chosen to minimize pupil constriction in the dark.

Manage Marks: Add, edit, delete, set locations.  Supports regular marks, as well as 'Gates' like a start and finish line.  Import and Export to/from CSV (Excel), GPS (Garmin and GPS Devices), and KML (Google Earth).

Settings: Configure things the way you like.

Full Help: Does not require Internet connection.  In fact, none of the app needs an Internet Connection.